7 Easy LinkedIn Tips to Grow Your Business & Network

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Below I have listed some key things you need to think about when filling out your profile on LinkedIn and also a few tips and tricks to build and expand your LinkedIn Network.

However first of all I think it is key to have a properly filled out profile if you wish to connect with people and gain people’s trust.

How to spot the fakes

I get so many requests from fake people and spammers now – yes even on LinkedIn! And even from those who are not – photos are blurred OR the English is badly written OR they feature similar content to other profiles OR there are no other links in their profile for me to go and verify who they are.

Alarm bells set off when I get a request from someone who has the above things wrong with their profile – when profiles are half missing or there is no photo, I am very dubious about connecting with them. So if that is you – please get your profile updated! You could be missing out on business or job opportunities.

#1. Your LinkedIn Personal Profile

optimising profile on linkedin

Photo – Please use a PHOTO and a decent photo at that – one that is professional and not blurred and the quality is the best possible. The size should be at least 80px by 80px.

Use the same photo across other networks as well for consistent personal branding. As I mentioned in my opening paragraph if people recognise you from network to network then they will know you are not fake (of course that depends how clever these fake folk get!)

Description – Ensure your Bio describes exactly what you do and include some  keywords to help get you found in searches.


How Often – Update your status frequently – a few times a day.

What Times – Studies have shown that LinkedIn members are more active in the afternoons and evenings but mix it up as some will use a lot in the mornings on the way to work. Check the activity posts of your connections to see when they are active.

How – Update on the site itself and try avoid third-party tools or feeding from Twitter – by updating your status manually in LinkedIn, you can control your message and increase engagement and allow people to like, comment and share your posts.

Important note: Be careful about sharing your tweets directly on LinkedIn. When you do this, you don’t give your LinkedIn network connections any opportunity to engage with you within LinkedIn. Be selective about the tweets you choose to send automatically into LinkedIn from your Twitter account. There may be some value in saving time and increasing visibility by doing this, but realize no further engagement will take place within LinkedIn ….. PLUS sending all of your tweets into LinkedIn can get very annoying for your connections!

Nearly everyone I am connected with feeds through from Twitter so I cannot engage with them on LinkedIn which is a shame!

Share, like and comment on other people’s updates – if you can 🙂


Create a Company Page and link to this from your Profile – again it is all about raising your profile and creating awareness of your brand so a good opportunity to showcase more of what you do. You can also use it to showcase your products and specialities.

You can also post updates on your Company Page and set up employers to help post company page updates. I am told it is getting more popular and early starters will see the benefits so get in now and set it up, add your services, video, specials, blog feed and start updating and follow other companies – check out our Mamba Media page.


Fill out your previous history of employment so people get a quick overview of your experience.


Build your network – if you can manage try and connect with one new person each day.

You can personalise the message when connecting and also reply with a message to tell people more about what you do – just don’t start emailing them every week with a sales pitch!

Groups – Join groups and try and post at least 3 times a week. Taking part in groups will raise your profile and visibility and establish you as a thought leader in your area. Also be helpful and share! It is also very handy for finding out the answers to many things – perhaps I should start a Mamba one?!


Add links to your website and other social profiles or blog – again its about spreading your message and creating awareness for your company, driving traffic and for people to find out more about you and build up a better picture of you.


This is a customised URL. Just like with a Company Page you can also create a vanity URL for your personal page – if its still available – it just makes it easier when using in on printed or email documents etc.

Click on Edit Your Profile and then click on Edit next to the public profile link. On the next page down the right column you will see “customise your public profile” and then “your public profile URL” – click on “customise your public profile URL”


Rather than ASK for recommendations – give them first – people nearly always return the favour.

Do you have some more tips to share with us? Please leave your comments below!

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