6 Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Their Social Media

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There’s a lot that small businesses can learn from larger business when it comes to Social Media. Here are a few handy points to consider:

1. Have a plan

Do you want to drive up your traffic and likes? Are you looking for more bookings? Are you just looking to get a database of contacts that you can use for your email marketing?

You need to set goals and outline a strategy in line with your business before you begin, rather than just set up a page for the sake of it and because everyone else is doing it.

2. Facebook landing pages

They’ll give you the look and functionality of big businesses at a small cost depending on the application. There are many ways to be creative and different and keep costs low. However think about what you put up there and what your user will get from it. For example, should you be Fangating (ie making people like your page) and if you do this what do you offer in return?

3. Interact with your Followers and Create Engaging Content

Big businesses know how to give Facebook users what they want by creating engaging content. You can do the same. Think of ways to enhance the user experience and create a buzz and give something back to your followers – from contests and sweepstakes to virtual gifts and sharable content. And of course be social!

4. Be available and Consistent

There is no point having a Facebook and Twitter account if you only check when you can, or post something once a week or month. I have seen many Facebook pages and Twitter accounts where people have not posted for months – possibly when they are away on holiday or just too busy – so if you don’t have time then think about allocating this to someone or outsourcing this to get results.

Check your pages often, and respond when your fans post to your wall or on Twitter.

5. Take action and Make things Happen

The great thing about social media is that posts to your wall or Tweets from your customers become instantaneous feedback that you can use to make appropriate changes, resolve issues and even enjoy compliments which can be shared onwards. There’s no waiting, as in large companies, for people higher-up to meet up and agree on a response. It’s all up to you, and you can make things happen immediately!

6. You Have the Flexibility

As a small business owner you don’t have to wade through the corporate process. If you want to do a last minute sale or get people to an event you can post something whenever you want. By creating a sense of urgency and offering your followers good deals you will get a strong community response.

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