6 Tips for Better Email Marketing

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Email marketing is an essential part of your business marketing plan, but are you doing it right? Are you tracking who opens or reads your emails? Do you know if your emails are giving you a return on investment (ROI)?

email-marketing-tipsRather than just sending out emails from your Outlook or Gmail account – do you know there are many FREE or low cost online e-mailing solutions out there?

Here are just 3 of the many reasons for using an online mailing system:

1. It saves a huge amount of time and energy trying to monitor unsubscribes and bounces – as this is all handled automatically.

2. You can produce a sign up form which you can imbed in your Website, Blog and Facebook so people can automatically subscribe to your mailing list.

3. You can get results on how many people opened your email and what links they clicked on so you can be more targeted in future email campaigns.

So how can you get more people to open your emails and read them?

1. Well by using an online mailer for a start you are more likely to get your emails delivered into the inbox rather than the junk folder as the online mailers are whitelisted with major Internet Service Providers.

2. Use a catchy subject line that is not sound like spam and is relevant to your email content – think about what you would open or not based on the subject line.

3. Ensure you don’t just use images but include text as well and that your call to Action is at the top of the email. The reason for being careful about image use is that many people have images turned off in their Outlook etc. so if you are only using images – all they are going to see is a big white boxes!

4. Keep emails attractive and short – instead have a read more link to further information on your blog or website. Not only does this mean you can track who clicks on those read more links (so you can find out what interests people) but it also means you can drive traffic to your website or blog (which in turn helps with SEO).

These are just a few tips to get you started but please do leave comments if you wish to know more.

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