5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Online Presence & Social Media Marketing

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Are you a small business owner with a website who is dabbling in social media?  Do you know that you need to have a business presence online and that you should be using social media marketing, but you are finding it difficult to get it all together, find the time, make it look good and work out what to say? Do you need help building your Online Marketing Plan?

If your answer to the above is yes, then this webinar series is for you!

We will give the answers to those  often-asked questions:

  • Which social media should I use?
  • How do I stand out online?
  • I want more visitors to my website…
  • What can I blog about?
  • Social media takes up too much time!
  • How do I tweet better for business?
  • How do I get people to engage on Facebook?
  • and more …

This series will help if, for example, you have a Facebook page (or are thinking about starting one), or you are on LinkedIn and perhaps Twitter, but you are not using them to their full potential.

1. How will these webinars benefit me?

  • Get your business working smarter online
  • Give you the insights, guides and tools to save you time
  • Give you the necessary training and tips to drive your business forward

2. What is the format?

  • Action-oriented and practical to get you on the move
  • The sessions are kept short to help you focus & concentrate
  • Each session ends with a 10 minute Q&A
  • There will be questionnaires and follow up and feedback to see how you are getting on
  • Each module has templates to fill in and these will form the basics of your Online Marketing Plan

3. Why this webinar series?

  • We are specialists in brand, web and digital marketing
  • We are small business owners like YOU
  • We have done the groundwork – saving you the investment in time and money
  • You will get a fast track to lots of tips and tricks that could take you years to learn or find out

4. What does the course include:

Webinar 1 – Your Website Presence

  • Reviewing your website
  • Communicating your brand personality
  • Creating stand-out – colours, fonts and imagery
  • Being clear – navigation and menus
  • Essentials to include in your site

Webinar 2 – Driving Traffic To Your Sites

  • Measurement – setting up analytics and webmaster tools
  • SEO tips
  • Establishing what marketing methods and social platforms are right for your business
  • Overview on Digital Marketing including blogs, email, video and social media
  • Using social media to improve SEO and drive traffic to your site

Webinar 3 – Creating Content for Social Media

  • Setting up an editorial calendar
  • Tips on how to write blogs and types of blogs
  • Finding content for your blogs
  • How blogs form part of your social media plan
  • Where to promote your blogs

Webinar 4 – Using Twitter for Business

  • Optimising your Twitter account
  • How to post and what to post
  • Building your reach and followers on Twitter
  • Generating leads and sales on Twitter
  • Tools to help you manage, monitor and measure your twitter activity

Webinar 5 – Using Facebook for Business

  • Optimising your page
  • Images and sizing
  • Tips and tricks on posting to drive more engagement
  • Managing, measuring and monitoring
  • How to drive more engagement


A brilliant course, informative and interesting. I picked up some great ideas regarding branding and social media management. Highly recommend!
Nicola Potzas, Admin Professional at Reef Administrative Services, Brighton, United Kingdom

To find out more and to BOOK

Get in touch with Karen at training@mambamedia.com or visit this page and get in touch via LinkedIn.

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