3D Virtual Tours of the World’s Great Sites

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If you are looking to whet your appetite for travel and need some visual inspiration, then you have to take a look at this 3D virtual tour site showcasing some fantastic high definition photography and 360 degree views of some of the greatest places on our planet.

AirPano is a non-commercial project set up by a group of russian photographers and panorama enthusiasts who focus on taking high resolution 3D aerial panoramas of the most interesting places of our planet.

Normally they shoot from a helicopter but they also use light jets, hot air balloons and radio-controlled helicopter models. They have already have created more than 250 panoramas showing about 70 places around the world and have amassed an amazing photogallery of images.

The panoramas can be opened in two different resolutions – high resolution panorama with the best quality is about 7 Mb large and it is suitable for fast internet connections and modern computers and low resolution panorama which is no more than 2 Mb. They are also available in Ipad and Phone format.

They have also included some history and facts into each location and various view points on different locations they have chosen.

Here is a small selection we have chosen to show you just to whet your appetite!

3D / 360 Degree View of Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe / Zambia



3D / 360 Degree View of Bryce Canyon – USA


3D / 360 Degree View of Cape Town – South Africa


3D / 360 Degree View of Machu Picchu – Peru


3D / 360 Degree View of Pyramids of Giza – Egypt


3D / 360 Degree View of Bagan – Myanmar


Check out the fill list of panoramic virtual tours here.

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