Marketing your school to international or regional families, in a competitive market is getting tougher. Last year was all about video (and still is!) but how do you give yourself the competitive edge for 2018? Simple, get an interactive VR ready 3D Tour of your school nd embed rich content into it.

This allows prospective pupils and their families to view your school facilities remotely and helps them to decide if your school is the right choice for them. It is like pre-qualifying an interested family before they have even set foot on the property.

We offer full 3D scans of your school buildings, its classrooms, facilities, sports halls, boarding rooms, dining halls, chapel, well pretty much anything that is a building. Once you are inside a 3D model it is like standing in the room and walking around. Navigating around is intuitive and easy. Your potential pupils and their families get to see everything as if they were actually in the room and the online experience is fully immersive and interactive.

The benefits of a 3D scan are huge:

  • Unique way of experiencing the space before booking
  • Engage and retain customers
  • Tap into expanded customer reach through sharing
  • Highlight important in model features by using unique MatterTags – Link to downloads, webpages, booking forms, video, online chat, and more.
  • Genrate bookings from inside the 3D room scan
  • Analytics on impressions, visits and unique visitors

Once the scan is completed and processed on the Matterport servers it can be embedded into any webpage and is instantly accessible to all your customers and potential customers, on all devices. The scans can be integrated into existing marketing campaigns to highlight your rooms, restaurant, attraction, spa, facilities, or …. well thats up to you.

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  • Full immersive 3D tour of the space
  • Scan an entire building or key areas
  • 4K resolution images available from the scan
  • 99% accurate measurements
  • 2D Floor plans
  • VR ready
  • Export to an .OBJ file (the CAD people will love this)
  • Hosted securely on the cloud and accessible 24/7
  • Can be embedded onto 99% of websites
  • Use MatterTags to highlight in model features.
    • Add booking widgets, video, links, images or information to popups
    • You can even add another model inside a model!

Real world examples

We believe that this technology along with a well thought out strategy can be used to add an extra layer to an existing marketing plan. It connects people to your school space in a way that images, 360 panoramas and video cannot. Used in conjunction with your exiting marketing material (images, videos, presentations) we can create a a totally immersive experience.

The obvious advantage is that it also connect prospects from around the world to your school brand. They can experience the school as if they were on the site and schools and universities are already using 3D Tours to great effect.

There is a huge opportunity to include a 3D Tour part as part of your marketing mix for 2018. We are ready to go, are you?


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Taranaki Cathedral Church

It is a simple fact that potential and existing pupils and families want more engaging content. If this content is dynamic or interactive then you get a much better retention rate on your website, up to 300% longer on your site. That is huge!

The longer users spend on your website enjoying your amazing content, they more likely they are to engage further and if they having a great experience, the more likely they are to share it with all their friends.

That is a win for you and for your pupils/families!

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