New 3D scanning technology allows you to create 3D models of an entire house. This immersive and interactive experience brings properties to life; the experience is like walking around inside the house.  With one scan you get all your visual marketing assets: 3D model, 2D floor plans, video tours, hi-res 4K imagery, room measurements and an .obj export file that architects and engineers can use.

Once your clients experience the model they are,

  • 300% more engaged
  • They decide then and there if they are interested
  • Those interested are 90% more likely to call

This services takes residential property marketing to the next level. Photo galleries, 360° panoramas and videos are all great tools but all lack the true interactivity that this experience delivers. Once a prospect is inside the model they are totally immersed and an emotional connection can be established.

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  • Full immersive 3D tour of the space
  • Scan an entire building or key areas
  • 4K resolution images available from the scan
  • 99% accurate measurements
  • 2D Floor plans
  • Video tours
  • VR ready
  • Export to an .OBJ file (the CAD people will love this)
  • Hosted securely on the cloud and accessible 24/7
  • Can be embedded onto 99% of websites
  • Use MatterTags to highlight in model features.
    • Add video, links, images or information to popups



Luxury Villa

Family Home

Beachside Estate

Frank Lloyd Wright House

It is a simple fact that potential and existing customers want more engaging content. If this content is dynamic or interactive then you get a much better retention rate on your website, up to 300% longer on your site. That is huge!

The longer people spend on your website enjoying your amazing content, they more likely they are to book viewings and get in touch. If they have a great experience, the more likely they are to share it with all their friends.

That is a win for you and for your customers!

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