21 Tips for Creating an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Social media marketing requires an investment in time and energy. If you want to stand out from the crowd you need to think creatively and be innovative.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to social media. It takes time to establish relationships and build engagement and trust with your followers.

Think of it like joining a business networking group: how long does it take till you start getting business referrals and for business to come your way? It takes time! On average it can take about 4 months, according to most people I have spoken to, to start generating business referrals through networking. So why should social media be any different?

In fact, it can be even harder to get business referrals and lead generation through social media. You need to build trust with your audience and nurture relationships consistently and over time. You can’t abandon the social networks when you feel like it, or take a week to respond to a comment or mention.  You need to give your audience what they want and what you think they will share on with their audience and establish yourself as a thought leader. You also need to show the real you over a virtual space and try and convey your offline personality and personal branding to the online world. This is no easy task!

Take a look at this great infographic by Social Metrics 21 rules for effective social media marketing:

21 tips for creating a social media marketing strategy

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