14 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

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LinkedIn Tips and Tricks

I have listed some key social media tips and tricks to get you going on on the social networks and improve your marketing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus. You can also take a look at the presentation that follows which gives you a visual view of the points I mention below along with graphics and screenshots to provide further explanation.

1. Optimising your Linkedin personal profile

I could go through and list all the things you need to do to optimise your LinkedIn profile but I have covered some of it in this blog and also found this great infographic on how to create a kick-ass Linkedin profile from Melonie Dodaro.

how to create a great linkedin proeil

click image to view full infographic

2. Linkedin endorsements

You may have seen “what does this person know about .. ” popping up above your profile asking you to endorse people for certain skills. These are chosen randomly from their list of skills, so make sure the skills you list on your profile are ones you want to show up and be endorsed for.

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3. Connecting and networking on LinkedIn

  • Update your status regularly so you appear in your connections news feeds – stay top of mind and more opprtunity for people to like, comment on or share you content for further reach
  • Connect from someone’s personal profile in order to get the options to personalise the message
  • Follow up once you have connected
  • Like, comment and share posts from your connections and also the companies that you follow
  • Participate in LinkedIn groups
  • To mention someone in a post or comment use @name

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4. Using LinkedIn groups

  • Join groups to connect with like-minded professionals and your target audience
  • Spend time in relevant groups to establish authority sharing valuable information and being helpful
  • Check out group stats to see if group is relevant
  • DID YOU KNOW: If you are a member of the same group as another user, you can bypass the need to be a first-degree connection in order to message them
  • Which LinkedIn groups should you join:
    View DEMOGRAPHICS for relevancy – e.g. location and industry
    View ACTIVITY – you want one with lots of comments which shows there is high engagement

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Twitter Tips and Tricks

5. Posting and engaging on Twitter

  • Use relevant #hashtags and keep to a minimum
  • You can post more frequently than other networks
  • Use RT to retweet to keep branding consistent
  • Leave 17 character SAFE ZONE so people re-tweeting can add their comments
  • Shorten links so you can track who clicks
  • Use @username to interact and mention people

6. Managing your time on Twitter

  • Create lists in Twitter for better management
  • Use phone apps for on the go
  • Use 3rd party tools to monitor, manage and measure

7. Increasing followers and getting more reach on Twitter

  • Search in Twitter or use 3rd party tools such as Twellow and WeFollow to find people
  • Look at suggestions in Twitter for who to follow
  • People usually follow back
  • Engage with people by mentioning them @username
  • Share others content
  • Connect and refer people to each other

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Facebook Tips and Tricks

8. What to post on Facebook

  • Show personality
  • Ask simple questions
  • Answer people’s problems
  • Use visuals to stand out
  • Give an insider view to company
  • Be relevant
  • Mix up media typessuch as links, text, images, video, audio
  • Always reply to comments
  • Use schedule and targeting tools within Facebook
  • To tag someone use @name

9. Increasing reach and engagement on Facebook

  • Run Facebook campaigns
  • Change Facebook covers for promotions or holidays or specials
  • Get some Facebook Apps created to run competitions, get email sign ups or showcase your content and offers
  • Use boosted / promoted posts and Facebook Ads for further reach

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Google Tips and Tricks

10. Get found locally in Google search

  • Ensure you claim your Google Place and get it verified
  • Having a Google Place listed will help you to be found when people are searching locally for your service

11. Using Google Plus

  • Integrates with Google Places and YouTube so all helps with being found
  • Add Google Authorship to your blog
  • +1s and sharing on Google+ can increase the ranking for your posts
  • Use Google Hangouts as a free webinar tool or to have meetings with your colleagues
  • Send targeted updates to specific circles of people
  • Join communities of like-minded people
  • To mention someone in a post or comment use +name

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Pinterest Tips and Tricks

12. Using Pinterest

  • Pinterest is very simple and visual making it extremely viral
  • You can pin images, infographics and videos
  • You need to have an image or video in order to pin something to Pinterest – so make sure you include images in your blogs so they can be pinned
  • Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and blog
  • Include links, keywords and #hashtags in descriptions so these can also be picked up by search and on Twitter
  • Follow and like, share and repin other’s pins and start engaging with people to get noticed
  • If you share great content then the followers will come!

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13. Selling on Pinterest

  • Add a price to your description and it will show up price label on pin
  • Pin your products stratight to pinterest so when people click on the pin they are taking to that product and can purchase if they wish

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Lead Generation & Conversion Tips and Tricks

14. Creating landing pages

  • Create landing pages for campaigns, social networks and emails
  • Landing pages are more targeted and deliver a better expeerience for the user
  • Include clear calls to action such as sign up to email or purchase products for better lead generation and sales

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View our slideshare presentation below with visual images and screenshots explaining the points we have listed above

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