Should You Be Using LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

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Back in November, LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages as an addition to LinkedIn Company Pages. A LinkedIn Showcase Page offers a separate channel to highlight an individual brand, a product, a service or an initiative. It enables you to share specific content with a targeted audience so they can follow only the aspects of your business that of interest to them. … Read More

Which Groups Should I Join on LinkedIn

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This is Part 4 in my series on Using LinkedIn for Business where we take a look at LinkedIn Groups: what are LinkedIn groups and why should I use groups which groups should I join on LinkedIn and how to choose them how to use groups and which groups are best What Are LinkedIn Groups and Why Use Them? LinkedIn … Read More

How to Connect with People on LinkedIn

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This is Part 3 in my series on Using LinkedIn for Business which focuses on: suggestions of who to connect with on LinkedIn simple ways to find connections on LinkedIn the best way to invite people to connect with you on LinkedIn how to connect with people who are outside of your network on LinkedIn Suggestions of who to connect … Read More

Optimising Your LinkedIn Personal Profile

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This is Part 2 in my series on Using LinkedIn for Business. I have included: tips on how to optimise you LinkedIn personal profile best practice for adding skills and expertise how to use Endorsements more effectively to promote your profile Tips For Optimising Your LinkedIn Personal Profile Click on Edit and you will get access to all the sections … Read More

What Excuse Have You Got For Not Being On LinkedIn?

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EVERYONE should be on LinkedIn! Whether you are a student, an employee, a business owner or a sole trader you should be on LinkedIn. I have included some interesting stats and reasons why you should be on LinkedIn – if you need more convincing or need to convince your boss or parents (if you are old enough of course and … Read More

7 Easy LinkedIn Tips to Grow Your Business & Network

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Below I have listed some key things you need to think about when filling out your profile on LinkedIn and also a few tips and tricks to build and expand your LinkedIn Network. However first of all I think it is key to have a properly filled out profile if you wish to connect with people and gain people’s trust. … Read More

Why And How To Use LinkedIn Company Pages

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With new changes companies can now update their individual company pages to enable their followers to receive updates and insights about company news, showcase your thought leadership and expand your business. Your LinkedIn company page will also be indexed by search engines, which can provide more awareness for you and traffic to your business. Just like people follow Facebook Business … Read More